PR Pulse: PR You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

What better way to promote dental hygiene than word-of-mouth marketing? The New York State Dental Association (NYSDA) recently came off its sixth annual Sugarless

Wednesday promotion (held on February 15), which aims at educating children and teenagers about the potential dangers of non-essential sugars in their diet. According to NYSDA

director of public relations Sandra DiNoto, a reminder mailing goes out to all of the schools in New York State prior to the date, and the schools then spread the word to their

students. "Most recently this has been a hit with cafeteria staff who promote it on food trays and on bulletin boards," says DiNoto. "Some schools have even made a special menu

for the day. Working with food service staff will continue to be an area that will grow with this promotion." DiNoto adds the PR impact has been (pardon the pun) sweet. "Schools

have embraced this and we have had children writing plays, songs, etc. in conjunction with this event," she says.