PR Pulse: Pat Robertson Will Pump You Up!

After explaining the 9/11 attacks represented God's anger over left-wing American political factions and defining Ariel Sharon's crippling stroke as God's fury against the

Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, what could televangelist Pat Robertson possibly do for an encore? Why, promote a healthy lifestyle, of course! Robertson, via his

Web site, is publicizing "Pat's Robust Living" by selling his own workout DVD and giving away free recipes for his "Age-Defying" pancakes and protein shakes (the latter includes

frozen strawberries, MSM powder and glutamine powder - creatine is an optional ingredient). Robertson uses himself as the model of physical power and claims his special

concoctions can help him leg-press 2,000 pounds (which, if verified, would smash the world's record by some 1,300 pounds).