PR Pulse: Ho-Ho-Hilton?

What can the corporate PR world learn from Paris Hilton? Easy: Overexposure to the media will result in an excess of familiarity and can lead to the "borrowing" of your
image by odd people ready to cash in on your image building. Case in point: In Cranston, R.I., a man named Joe Moretti welcomed the holiday season by decorating his front lawn
with larger-than-lifesized pictures of Hilton in various sultry poses. Moretti illuminated his displays with endless strings of pink Christmas lights and printed up suitably
vapid quotations one might expect from the blonde heiress (such as "An entrance is everything"). So what's the point? Well, Moretti happily exploited the star's excess wattage
to shine the media spotlight on himself (he's been on CNN and the major news wires) while Hilton gains no ROI and actually earns bad press from the stunt (most of Moretti's
neighbors were unamused). As a disapproving Hilton might say: That's not hot.