PR Pulse: Hear Any Good Podcasts Lately?

What do PR professionals really think of podcasts? If a new survey from the Dallas chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators is any

indication, it would seem that people think about podcasts but don't listen to them. A survey of 109 corporate communications officers found 23% of those polled listened or

subscribed to a podcast, 61% were aware of podcasting but have not listened yet, and 8% said either they or their company actually went the extra digital mile and produced their

own podcast. But what about the remaining 8%? They answered (and we are not joking): "What is a podcast?" But on the whole, that is actually a savvy response. A new survey

from Forrester Research of 5,051 people across North America found that 73% never heard of podcasting, while only 3% of those surveyed tried listening to a podcast.