PR Pulse: Gretchen Mol Keeps Her Clothing On

Where do you draw the line when it comes to PR? For actress Gretchen Mol, the line involves clothing (or the lack thereof). During the production of her newly released film

"The Notorious Bettie Page," Mol had no qualms recreating the infamous clothing-free photo shoots that made Page a 1950s pin-up icon. But when the time came to promote the film,

Mol declined to follow Page's example with a photo shoot for Hugh Hefner's Playboy Magazine. "I wouldn't," said Mol at a New York press conference for the film's April 14

opening. "There were inquiries, obviously because of the movie and because Bettie was a pin-up in Playboy in 1955." Hefner, however, took no offense at Mol's decision. In fact,

Hefner joined the PR push by hosting a preview for the movie at his Los Angeles Playboy mansion with the real Bettie Page (who turned 83 last Friday) as his special guest.