PR Pulse: A Very Sensitive PR Campaign

Aiming a PR campaign at the parents of disabled children is an extraordinary challenge, given the sensitivity of the subject. Thus, special kudos are in order to the combined

efforts of MassMutual Financial Group and Easter Seals for their recently-announced SpecialCare program that broaches the difficult subject to parents of financial

and future care planning for disabled children. A press release detailing a financial checklist on subjects including estate planning and life care plans was distributed and a

VNR on the subject registered 31 airings across the country, reaching 5.1 million viewers. Mark Cybulski, MassMutual's director of public relations, notes his company's agents

representing this market are required to take special classes at American College in Bryn Mawr, PA, on the business and emotional needs required for this task. "It's

definitely a delicate balance," says Cybulski.