PR News Poll: PR to Mobilize in 2012

The dust has finally settled from nearly every media outlet dropping their best and worst lists of 2011 on the Web (we, too, are guilty), and now it’s time to look at what lies around the bend for PR in 2012 and beyond. To that end, we polled PR News’ Twitter followers, asking them to choose which trend will be most prevalent in PR in 2012.

“Creation of campaign-specific mobile apps” was selected among four choices to be the most prevalent trend to expect this year, while "enriched press releases with graphics, video and data" was voted to be the second-most prevalent trend. “Widespread use of infographics” and "increased 'gamification' of PR" (the use of game technology to build skills and knowledge or drive participation) ranked third and fourth, respectively.

Which trend do you think will be the most prevalent in PR in 2012?

The outcome of the poll indicates that PR pros expect to become—in the words of PepsiCo's global head of digital Bonin Bough—more digitally fit this year. "For PR professionals, the stakes could not be higher: Become digitally fit, or get left behind," says Bough. 

Bough describes digital fitness as the ability to adapt to changes in the digital environment. How do you get fit? It takes commitment and training and pushing past the point where you want to say no to things like developing mobile apps. So, as we push on through 2012, we expect PR pros to stick to their resolution for digital fitness and take PR into the mobile age. 

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