PR and the Importance of Pressing the Flesh

It’s a function of living in an increasingly digital age: The more time we spend in front of a computer screen, the more motivated we are to get out into the field, press the flesh and talk to colleagues belly to belly. This is particularly true for PR pros and communicators when it comes to professional development.

Writing, navigating the media terrain, and knowing your way around social platforms are all well and good, of course, but if PR pros are eager to spread their professional wings, they need to make sure those travel budgets don’t get truncated.

Indeed, attending conferences/seminars remains the most significant objective for professional development, according to PR News' 2014 Salary Survey.

In line with previous years, the majority of respondents are reimbursed for attending conferences or seminars.

professional development

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 10.40.50 AMGetting reimbursed for courses outside the office also ranked high, increasing to 62% in 2013 from 59% in 2012. Mentoring programs remain a low priority on the professional development list. That’s discouraging when you consider the basic PR training that entry-level executives need from the veterans and the social media conditioning that the veterans need from the newbies.

Why do you think mentoring is so low on the totem pole in PR?

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