Politics Driving Growing Trend of National Incivility

Politics Driving Civility Disorder: A rancorous political environment is primarily responsible for driving a “national civility disorder,” and most Americans say politics is increasingly uncivil, complicating resolution of major issues and deterring people from entering public service, says a new poll by Weber Shandwick, Powell Tate and KRC Research. Reinforcing these perceptions, nearly seven in 10 Americans (67%) expect the upcoming November election process to be uncivil.

Other findings include: 

  • Two-thirds (63%) of Americans believe incivility remains a “major problem.” The survey also found that nearly three-quarters (71%) believe civility has declined in recent years and 55% expect the decline to continue, with politics and government being most responsible for the problem.

  • About eight in 10 Americans say political campaigns are uncivil and politics is becoming more uncivil. Substantial majorities think the tone of public discourse is harming America’s future.

  • While only 17% of the public reported being untouched by incivility, fewer Americans this year reported personal experiences with incivility on the road (60% in 2012 vs. 72% in 2011); while shopping (49% vs. 65%); at work (34% vs. 43%); and in their neighborhoods (28% vs. 35%).


Source: Weber Shandwick/Powell Tate/KRC Research 

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