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Marvel’s long-awaited “Black Panther” has already shattered box-office pre-sale records and is shaping up to be the most successful movie with an almost all-black cast ever released. But the source comic book was not always as infused with such resonant ideas about racial identity, class and power. Here’s a look at the influencers who helped reframe Black Panther’s brand and identity as a powerful avatar for black representation on the big screen.


Increasingly media members expect PR pros to use data, charts and graphs to bolster their pitches. As a result, a data-filled pitch no longer equates to guaranteed coverage. Here are a few simple tips that can help you make better use of the data in your pitches and raise the chances that your story will receive media attention.


The horrific events in South Florida that left 17 people dead and roughly twice that number wounded was the 25th fatal, active school shooting since Columbine in April 1999. While the shootings share many characteristics, they differed in a number of the ways communications figured into the equation.


About nine months ago, sisters Alison Goldstein Lebovitz and Amanda Goldstein Marks were on the phone, cracking each other up, when they realized their conversations might make a good podcast. The ensuing Sis & Tell podcast has won a lot of fans—and grown the sisters’ personal brands—in a short time due to its intimacy, authenticity and humor. Here, the sisters provide a few tips they’ve learned along the way for brands and individuals looking to launch a podcast.


Each year, PR News honors the top corporate social responsibility campaigns—and the brands and communicators behind them—at its CSR & Nonprofit Awards Luncheon at Washington, D.C.’s historic National Press Club. From environmental protection to disaster relief to gender equality, these campaigns and communicators have enacted positive change that will be felt for years to come.


Influencer marketing is a young discipline and the rules of play are still in flux. While it can be a challenge just to identify the right brand ambassadors, the importance of the vetting process—and the involvement of your brand’s legal department—can’t be overstated. We recently sat down with Kara Hendrick, manager of global digital strategy for Velcro Companies, to let us in the “loop” about how she handles influencers—and why her company’s legal department is an essential partner.


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