Overcoming the Challenges of Digital PR Campaigns

Image: CareNetworks.com
Image: CareNetworks.com

A solid digital PR campaign can do wonders for a brand’s exposure and customer engagement, but a lot of work goes into making that happen. Communicators face a variety of challenges on the development path.

At PR News’ Digital PR Awards luncheon, taking place Oct. 10 at the Grand Hyatt in New York City, a keynote panel of experienced communicators will discuss the opportunities and challenges they have faced in creating digital campaigns.

In advance of that event, we asked two of our panelists about some of the challenges they have faced.

Whitney Press, account supervisor at Ketchum, was part of the team that created the clever Clorox Ick Awards campaign.

Our biggest challenge for the Clorox Ick Awards was co-creating content with our online audience in real time. There were a lot of unknowns going into the event—especially around what the consumer conversation would look like—which required us to break the mold. We had to come up with a new approach and make sure that all of our internal stakeholders were comfortable with the agility, flexibility and in the moment approvals required for successful real-time content creation.

Mitzi Emrich, chief social strategist with MWW, had this to say:

The biggest challenge is often determining what the actual goals of any given campaign actually are, and accepting that any agreed-upon goals are likely to shift and change on a daily basis. A campaign that starts as an effort to drive product purchases can suddenly become about brand awareness, or a program that was originally designed to increase share of voice can instead end up being an exercise in influencer marketing. Building a PR strategy that allows for flexibility and scalability is critical to success.

Whitney and Mitzi will be joined on Oct. 10 by Andrew Bowins, senior vice president, corporate and digital  communications for MasterCard, and Rita Gorenberg, public relations and social media manager with The Clorox Company.

For more information on this topic and to celebrate creative work in digital PR, join us for PR News’ Digital PR Awards, taking place Oct. 10 at the Grand Hyatt in New York City. 

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