Our Mini Guide To Media Relations Software


Software: MediaSource

System Requirements: Windows 95 on Pentium (minimum); Mac, PowerPC, or System 7.

Functions: Media list compilation; contact management, ability to build and maintain histories and notes, schedule activities; clip analysis with more than two dozen measurable variables.

Features: Database of 300,000 contacts at 50,000 outlets features pitching notes for 30,000 journalists. Allows for direct broadcast faxing. Price includes quarterly updates. Available on CD-ROM; updates to be downloadable from the Internet in 1999. With clips analysis, allows for importing scanned clips.

Price: Single user, $1,395 annually; ClipSource Option, $995 annual subscription for a single user; network version available at $1,795 and up, depending on number of users.

Contact: Steve Pattengale, Bacon's, 332 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Ill. 60604; phone: 800/752-6675; fax: 312/922-3126