O’Reilly vs. Limbaugh

Ironic, isn't it, that in an age of digital delivery and Web-based media, one
of the most intriguing media stories of the day comes to us from the radio?
Fox News, which plans to move more deeply into radio programming, has put Bill
O'Reilly, its most popular cable news personality, on the talk radio circuit.
The clincher: O'Reilly goes up against radio legend Rush Limbaugh in the 12
p.m. timeslot. The new show, "The Radio Factor," will focus on a specific topic
generated from the latest headlines each day. O'Reilly tells The Wall Street
Journal the show will be "heavily tilted toward social issues" vs. politics.
The two shows will likely compete head-to-head in more than 100 markets, depending
on time differences. Contact Robert Zimmerman in comms at Fox News, robert.zimmerman@foxnews.com.