Executive recruiting firm Spring Associates, New York, which also
has a focus on agency review and selection, uses the following
process in agency searches. Dennis Spring, president, believes
following a rigorous process like this precludes any show of
favoritism to a search firm's personnel search clients.
Phase I--Client identifies PR objectives, goals of agency; search firm
and client conduct research to develop list of prospective agencies.
Phase II--Search firm contacts agencies, assesses them via requested
capabilities material, visits.
Phase III--With client, winnow list down to firms judged qualified
enough to make presentations; develop ground rules for presentations.
Phase IV--Reveal to semi-finalists identity of client, explain
presentation ground rules, timetable.
Phase V--Based on presentations, other evaluation, narrow list to
finalists; plan final interviews with client's senior management.
Phase VI--Evaluate final interviews/presentations; assist selection of
winning firm.
Phase VII--Guide client negotiations with agency on program, agreement
defining working relationship, billing.
Phase VIII--Monitor relationship over course of the first year.
(Spring, 212/473-0013)