On the Campaign Trail

The National PTA is launching its Safe Schools Network on Jan 20, with 10 broadcasts via satellite focusing on safe school culture, helping students deal with anger, spotting signs of violence. PTA, National Education Assoc. and EchoStar Communications are donating satellite dishes to schools...American Cancer Society rolls out a campaign to educate presidential candidates on cancer issues. "Campaign Against Cancer" is boosted by ACS survey of voters indicating that candidates should actively support fighting cancer via a broad-based approach....An interesting PR and marketing promotion, but we wouldn't want to win it: a woman from Idaho Falls, Idaho, was named grand prize winner of the Online Fashion Disaster Contest sponsored by Kodak PhotoNet online, AOL and Brandmania.com. Lisa won a $2,500 shopping spree by sending in a photo of herself in polka-dotted bell bottoms, a hard-on-the-eye blouse, clown glasses and hair rollers.