O’Dwyer Releases Rankings

Jack O'Dwyer's PR Daily releases its rankings of independent PR firms with the vaguely comforting news that most firms are in the same boat: 2001 was a rough year for everyone
in the PR industry, with even the top firms seeing a decline in fees. Edelman, number one on O'Dwyer's list, saw a decline of 5 percent to $220.7 million. The O'Dwyer rankings are
based on W-3 forms showing total payroll; top pages of income tax returns; CPA statements attesting to number of full-time employees; lists of current accounts, executives and
staffers; office space leased and occupied by the firm, and other proofs. The Council of PR Firms plans to release its own rankings of PR firms in April. PR NEWS will cover them
as well. For more information on the rankings, see http://www.odwyerpr.com.