No More (Bullwords) …

Press releases weighed down by gobbledygook is a chronic problem in the PR field that in many respects has gotten worse with the tech boom-and-bust. But help is on the way.
Deloitte Consulting, an arm of the accounting firm Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, has developed a new software program that identifies jargon in documents. Chelsea Hardaway, Deloitte's
marketing director, who led the team that designed the software, told The New York Times that the goal of the program is to make it easier for investors to decipher what companies
are trying to say. The firm got more than 10,000 submissions of "bullwords" to help build a dictionary of words and phrases considered objectionable. Some of the most hated words
submitted were: 'Bleeding edge' 'Bandwidth' 'Incentivize' 'Leverage' 'Touch base' 'Robust' and 'Synergize'. The software is available on the Deloitte Consulting Web site at