New Twist, Old-Fashioned PR in JetBlue/Crunch Fitness Alliance

JetBlue, the subject of a favorable cover story in the May issue
of Fast Company, has shown it knows how to navigate the PR terrain.
The barely 5-year-old airliner, with its hip attitude and free
satellite TV patched into every passenger seat, has been getting
some very good ink lately compared with the legacy airlines, which
are still reeling from the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks.
JetBlue didn't even suffer much when it was revealed last year that
it gave records on more than a million passengers to a military
contractor for use in identifying terrorists. Go figure. Now, the
airliner has teamed with Crunch Fitness to launch 'Flying Pilates,'
a program designed to make flying less stressful. A Crunch Fitness
"Flying Pilates" card, created exclusively for JetBlue, is
currently available in the seatback pocket on all JetBlue flights.
The card illustrates four Pilates moves that can all be done
without leaving your seat - which, JetBlue is quick to remind
consumers, is easier to do now that JetBlue has added two extra
inches of legroom to more than 65% of its seats. The
cross-pollinating never ends.