LinkedIn Wants it to be Easier for You (and Your Non-Profit) to Change the World

LinkedInLinkedIn, the popular social media platform used by job seekers and organizations looking to hire them, is expanding its service into the nonprofit space. This week, the platform added a "volunteer marketplace" where users can search for philanthropic opportunities in their communities.

"The number of professionals interested in using their skills to change the world outweighs the skills and opportunities available on the nonprofit side," Meg Garlinghouse, head of the company’s LinkedIn for Good foundation, told The Washington Post.

The company is seeking to provide an efficient platform to draw on that untapped altruism, going beyond the employee-employer connections it already fosters.

And they want to make it affordable, too. Nonprofit organizations will receive a 90 percent discount for posts in the new volunteer marketplace.

The new LinkedIn platform makes it easier than ever for employees to give back to their communities, moving them from thought to action.

Tom Pizzuti, VP of Communications at UPS, argues in PR News CSR Guidebook that in order to motivate employees to go beyond just talking about volunteering, organizations need action plans that gives employees simple ideas and ways to get involved. At UPS, Pizzuti's team asked employees to ‘Take the Pledge’ to make a difference in any one of four key areas:

  1. Give Back: Help those in need
  2. Consider the Earth: Reduce, reuse, recycle
  3. Be Safe and Well: Help others make healthy choices
  4. Play Fair: Act with kindness

Pizzuti also argues that organizations need to focus on action-oriented goals that have an impact on the environment and the communities in which your employees live and work. They can do so by communicating the following:

  • Provide Support: Be thankful for not only what you have, but also what you can do for others by volunteering.
  • Be a Leader: Invite families, friends and other organizations to join the effort.
  • Be Heard: Share your ideas and successes.
  • Take Action: Engage in sustainable practices at work, at home, and in their communities.

Learn more CSR trends and best practices in PR News’ CSR Guidebook.

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