How to Make the Value Proposition in Content Work for the Brand and End-User

Michael Brito
Michael Brito

Creating quality content without keeping your target audience in mind is an empty endeavor. The same goes for content created in a silo without the benefit of an overarching strategy. As Michael Brito, senior vice president of social business strategy for Edelman Digital, says, the true value of quality content is dependent on how it’s delivered and what the end-user can do with it.

Thus, it can be said that content marketing is a value proposition as well as a strategy. Brito, who will be sharing tips on how to tap into the power of content marketing at PR News’ Next Practices Annual Conference in San Francisco on Aug. 6, discussed with PR News the importance of end-user value in content marketing.

PR News: What's the biggest challenge in creating content for a brand that may not endemically lend itself to rich narratives?

Michael Brito: The biggest challenge is creating a content narrative that actually adds value to the customer experience. The way to get around this is to determine what a brand has license to talk about and then decide how the brand can extend itself into the conversation. For example, a brand that sells BBQ equipment (forks, spatulas or even grill plates) can build a content strategy around a “food narrative” since their product enables people to barbecue food.

PR News: How do you ensure that your content maintains an authentic connection to the brand?

Brito: The reality is that content marketing can be done in a silo. And because of this, many brands struggle with disjointed content and fragmented customer communities. In order to ensure that content maintains an authentic connection to the brand narrative it is important to build controls and workflows throughout the entire content supply chain–from content ideation, creation, approval and distribution.

PR News: If you could offer one critical tip for tapping into the power of content marketing for our Next Practices Conference attendees, what would it be?

Brito: There is an art to storytelling, but there also needs to be a strategic and operational plan that can help you create and distribute content, integrate it across paid, earned and owned media, and measure it effectively. As a marketer, brand manager or small business owner you must move beyond the content marketing buzzword and commit to building a content strategy that will allow you to execute your tactical content marketing initiatives flawlessly and at scale. However, creating a content strategy is nearly impossible without thinking and acting more like a media company.

Learn more about content marketing from Michael Brito on August 6 in San Franscisco at  PR News' Next Practices Annual Conference.

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