Mother’s Day is Here. How Your Company Can Salute Moms (Not Exploit Them)


Image: WILPF
Image: WILPF

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, communicators are no doubt looking for effective ways to acknowledge how important mom is. There is perhaps nothing less controversial than publically stating how much we love our mothers, and you’d be hard-pressed to find many who oppose the holiday. But your company should salute moms and not exploit them, and that’s where you need to tread carefully. Still, Mother’s Day is a consumer-friendly holiday that can help your brand immensely, so here are some ways that companies can show appreciation to all of the moms out there without appearing to be capitalizing on the day.

  • Say thank you. It seems obvious, but everyone likes to be thanked for a job well done, and mom is no exception. Utilize channels like social media, print or television to directly thank all of the moms who help make your brand what it is.
  • Offer a promotion just for moms. Coupons and discounts are a great way to say thanks. Not only do promotions encourage product consumption, but they also can serve as a gift tailored just for moms on their special day.
  • Develop an email campaign addressed to mom. Email is one of the most effective direct-marketing tactics at your disposal, so it is imperative that you utilize it. An email campaign can include promotions, an emotional appeal stressing the importance of moms or a simple message that just says thank you.
  • Host mom-specific events. Dad and the kids are always trying to figure out the best thing to do on Mother’s Day. Whether it’s taking her out for brunch, catching a movie or taking her out for a day of shopping, moms deserve a special day out, so consider having your company offer up a place for them to be.
  • Don’t be afraid to suggest gift ideas for mom. Just like figuring out what to do with mom, buying the right gift to express gratitude can be daunting. Don’t think of this as a sales pitch, but rather a guide for dads and kids to find the perfect gift.
  • Most important, think about how you communicate with your mom, and how you would show your gratitude to her for all she has done. If you think your methods might be questionable, then they probably are.