More ‘Investing’ from The Wall Street Journal…

The bible for American business has made several editorial
changes to its "Money & Investing" section. Among the new
additions is "Tracking the Numbers," a daily feature that provides
insight into the market and "Hit and Miss," in which a mutual fund
or money manager explains his or her best performing and worst
performing stock of the past six or 12 months. "Quite Contrary"
features an analyst or money manager who will explain why he's
betting against the investment consensus and "Outside Audit"
focuses on the number that executives didn't talk about and that
analysts may have missed. "Short Order" examines a stock that has
increased in short interest, shedding light on why the company has
been targeted by "shorts," and what the firm has to say in
response. "What's Hot...and Not" is a weekly story and chart
comparing asset performance across classes, i.e. stocks vs. bonds.
The "Money & Investing" changes are the first since the section
was overhauled in April 2002.