Michele Johnson
Communications Director
NASA Ames Research Center

Michele Johnson joined NASA in 2011 to develop and lead a multifaceted communications strategy for the agency’s prolific planet-hunting Kepler mission—the first mission capable of finding potentially habitable planets beyond the solar system. In her tenure, Michele has led the announcement strategy of more than two dozen major mission milestone and scientific discoveries, employing media relations, social media, broadcast media, web and creative partnerships, such as with Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic on the announcement of Kepler-16b, “Tatooine.” Michele serves as the spokesperson for the Kepler mission and is a member of the agency’s social media team.

Prior to NASA, Michele spent 14 years at Microsoft Corp. developing her professional trade in strategic communications and marketing. In 2008, Michele led the global marketing and launch strategy for the company’s start-up engagement program called Microsoft BizSpark.