Messenger of Horror

PR NEWS' sister publication, CableFAX Daily, reported on the state of the broadcast media during the day of the attack. It wrote that the broadcast medium became the messenger
of horror Tuesday as this nation's worst modern-day disaster unfolded live across the small screen. The news networks had focused on the scene of the initial crash in New York
around 9:00 a.m. When another aircraft came careening into the second tower about 20 minutes later, the cameras were still rolling. They captured the towers, first one, then the
other, as they slipped unceremoniously to the ground. As the gravity of the day's total events sunk in, networks pulled regular programming. QVC shut down around 11:20 a.m. ET and
ran text telling viewers to tune into a news channel. Home Shopping Network followed suit. VH-1 turned to a CBS news feed in late morning; TNT and TBS carried CNN's feed. The
ESPNs ran ABC's feed. Court TV pulled off its own coverage using live footage from NYC. Comcast Sports Net and even Fox Family carried news feeds from Fox News Channel, as did FX.