Message to PR execs from Newsrooms: Just the Fax, Please…

Gunning to get a VNR onto the local news? You might increase the
odds of getting your client on the "other side of the glass" by
sending a fax plugging the VNR. That's according to a telephone
survey of 100 newsrooms in the top 50 markets that was completed
earlier this month by VNR-1 Communications, a Dallas-Fort Worth,
TX-based video production company. "Since we began our surveys in
1996, faxes have been overwhelmingly preferred [to learn about a
VNR]," showing that it is still simply the easiest way for
newsrooms to know what's going on," said David Simon, VP at VNR-1,
in a news release. Webheads take heart: The survey also found that
e-mails are increasing in popularity in newsrooms, rising to 22% in
2004 from 7% in 1996 (the first time e-mails were noted in the
yearly survey).