Mergers and Acquisitions

Two marcom bigwigs have joined forces to create Noble/Sander Search, an executive headhunting operation headquartered in Denver. The new venture draws on the expertise of Steve Sander, president of the Denver-based shop Sander/GBSM, and Don Noble, president of the New York executive search firm Noble & Associates. The new firm will specialize in the placement of marketing, advertising and corporate communications execs... Cushman/Amberg Communications acquired Werle + Associates, a Chicago PR firm specializing in higher education, pharmaceuticals and food marketing... Publicis acquired Gramercy Group Inc., a direct marketing and sales promotion agency, and LobsenzStevens, a PR firm, both of New York. (Cushman/Amberg, 312/263-2500; Noble/Sander Search, 303/537-5467; Publicis, 206/270-4645)