Media Wrap

The economy remains flat on its back and the advertising market is still sucking wind. Both consumer and trade magazines continue to drop. Not the best environment to launch a
magazine or Web site. But there will always be a few salmon to swim against the current, including Jason Pontin, the former editor of the late Red Herring. He's launched a new
magazine, Acumen Journal of Sciences, covering the business of life sciences. It's backed by Acumen Sciences, a San Francisco-based life-sciences research firm. The magazine, with
an initial circulation of 30,000, will publish five times this year and eight times in 2004, when the circ is expected to jump to 85,000... Ads will most likely determine the fate
of Acumen Journal of Sciences. Not so for a new magazine from department store giant Bloomingdales, thank you very much. The upscale retailer is launching a quarterly publication,
called B, that will be sent gratis to 10,000 store customers -- depending on whether they spent more than $1,000 at Bloomies last year -- and will also be sold at the store
chains for $3.95... Audrey hit newsstands recently, targeting the ever-growing Asian-American population. The bi-monthly, a glossy geared to Asian women, has a heavy distribution
in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, where the majority of Asian-Americans reside. The 10,000-circ publication is named after the daughter of publisher James Ryu. "She's
Asian-American and doesn't identify with the faces she sees on magazine stands," Ryu said in a statement. "I want her to grow up in a world where positive female Asian images are