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Newsweek launched a new series this month called "Health for Life," an offshoot of special "Health for Life" editions of the weekly. Newsweek editors will work with Harvard
Health Publications and its editor-in-chief Anthony Komaroff to produce the series. (Newsweek, 212/373-4880; Harvard, ... Jimmy Guterman, former editor of The Industry Standard's "Media Grok," joins Business 2.0
to write "Media Notes." The new column will be available on Wednesday's on or as an email newsletter. "Media Notes" will examine the world of digital media and the
business behind it. Contact editors at Business 2.0 at, with the name of the editor in the subject line ...
Gannett Co. announced plans for a new cable network, America Today, with repackaged news from its local stations across the country. The network would operate on the premise that
U.S. travelers don't lose interest in their local news when on the road, and it would run news from specific areas at the same time each day.