Media Moves

In National News: Dorothy Kalins, current editor-in-chief of Saveur and Garden Design, will join Newsweek as executive editor at the end of April,
212-445-4000. . . Producer Janet Schiller, has left NBC's "The Today Show." Send pitches to Betsy Alexander, supervising producer, or Don Nash, supervising producer. . . U.S.
News & World Report
Senior Editor Warren Strobel has left to join Knight Ridder as foreign affairs correspondent in the Washington D.C. bureau. Contact Terry Atlas,
assistant managing editor, 202-383-6000. . . In Finance: Fortune's Rick Tetzeli was promoted from executive editor to deputy managing editor. He also directs
technology coverage, fax 212-522-7686. .. Reporter Russell Pearlman, leaves to join the print publication as staff writer, .. .. correct your d-base for reporter Adam Feuerstein at, 415-733-8324, . . .In Healthcare: Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News
introduces a new section, Web Sightings. Contact Erik Swain, section editor, . . . Sharon Renzulli joins
Pharmacy Times as assistant editor replacing Chris Ostrowski, associate editor. . . . In Technology: Bill McCarthy, editorial director, left Boardwatch
to pursue a freelance career. E-mail him at . . Chicago Tribune Technology Editor Tom Cekay
has passed away. He is credited with pioneering the Tribune's Internet edition. . . Writer Fred Vogelstein joins Fortune, covering technology out of the San
Francisco bureau, 415-982-5000...In Communications: CableFax Daily Editor-in-chief Marc Smith leaves to join the National Cable Television Association as senior
director, communications. . . John Ourand was promoted to editor-in-chief to replace him, .. Deborah McAdams and
Amy Frazier join CableFax Daily as editors. covering news, etc.,, . . Senior Editor Natalia Feduschak and Kimberly Johnson, associate editor, have left Communications
. In IT: Monica James joins homeoffice as managing editor, . . . Matt Kelly was promoted from
special sections editor to associate editor at Mass High Tech. He is in charge of the web site and breaking news, . . .Scott Tarr, associate technical editor, left Maximum PC. . . Carol Levin, senior editor, rejoins
PC Magazine after leaving last August, . . Leigha Bloss was promoted to site editor,
at She now researches and reports on web sites related to HP and Sun Solaris, Media Moves are
provided by Press Access, 617/542-6670, ext 402,