Media Moves

National News: Jerry Morgan, personal finance writer for Newsday, accepts early retirement. No replacement has been named. For more information regarding his coverage, phone
the business desk at 631/843-2020 ... Leslie Cauley, deputy technology editor for the Wall Street Journal, was incorrectly identified as a male in last week's news from Press
Access ... Business/Financial: Tina Cowles joins CNNfn's "The Biz," replacing producer Jill Bergus. Email ... Lisa
Fickenscher replaces senior reporter Mark Walsh at Crain's New York Business, covering technology companies. Email ...Melik Kaylan, senior editor, and Debra Lau, people editor, leave For information on Kaylan's
coverage of art collections and auctions and Lau's people duties, call 212/366-8999 ... Patrice Johnson, staff reporter, leaves Money to pursue a freelance career. For information
regarding her coverage of personal finance and investment services, call 212/522-1212 ... Elizabeth Harris leaves to pursue a freelance career. Email information on
mutual funds to Dawn Smith, ... Dan Bernstein, staff reporter, and Stacy Willits, assistant editor, leave
TheStreet. com. Send information on foreign exchange markets, U.S. equity coverage and after-hours markets to Justin Lahart, Tom Lepri and Caroline Humer also leave the Web site. Call 212/321-5000 with information on the computer hardware
industry, semiconductors, computer chip companies, technology and stocks. Technology: Red Herring promotes Eric Moskowitz from associate editor to Wall Street editor. He will
continue to write about technology stocks and will oversee editorial projects related to investment banking and securities issues. ... John Mulqueen, business editor, Ed Cone, senior writer, Laura Lorek, senior writer, Mike Cleary,
senior writer, and Julianna Gruenwald, international editor, were laid off by Interactive Week. Their beats were distributed among the editorial staff. Email inquiries to Timothy