Media Moves

National News: The Wall Street Journal, WSJ Online and Barron's temporarily
move their editorial offices to 4300 North Route 1, South Brunswick, NJ 08852,
due to the events of Sept. 11. Call 609/520-4000 ... Brad Lehman replaces Jim
Watters, deputy business editor for The Miami Herald. Email
... Greg Hernandez joins The Los Angeles Daily News as entertainment business
reporter. He covers the entertainment industry, including film studios, national
networks and entertainment labor guild issues. Email
or phone 818/713-3758 ... Claudia Kalb, Newsweek general editor, goes on leave
until June 2002. For information regarding her coverage of medicine, email Anne
Underwood, ...
Parents magazine promotes Stacey Felsen from editorial assistant to assistant
editor. She works as the tech editor in charge of assigning and editing tech
pieces. Email ...
Josh Chetwynd, film reporter for USA Today, leaves; The Inside Movies column
is being discontinued. For more information on film coverage, phone Nancy Ayala,
movie editor, 703/276-5493 ... Megan Caluza joins Upside as assistant editor.
Email ... Carrie Bell, staff
writer for Us Weekly, leaves to become a full-time freelance writer. She will
continue to cover events, premieres, awards and shows for US Weekly, but will
also cover entertainment and fashion for E Online, WWD, EW, Teen Vogue, Bop
and Twist. Contact her at Business/ Financial:
Margaret Aguirre, executive producer for CNNfn's "The Biz" becomes executive
producer of "Money Morning," a business and general news show anchored by Jack
Cafferty debuting on CNNfn September 10. Email information for "The Biz" to
Tina Cowles, Email Jacob Novak for
"Money Morning,"
... Katherine Drake, associate editor for Money, leaves. Roberta Kirwin is promoted
to associate editor to replace her.
. Tech: Holly Flemming, managing editor of Computer
Gaming World, leaves. Send pitches to Jeff Green, editor-in-chief,
(Media Moves provided by Press Access, a member of the Lexis Nexis Group, 617/350-3747,