Media Moves

National News: Ethan Bronner's title at The New York Times changes from education editor to assistant editorial page editor. A replacement has not been named, but email Joe
Berger with information regarding education coverage, ... Eben Shapiro, business editor, leaves Newsweek to join The
Wall Street Journal as deputy editor of the new Personal Journal section. No replacement has been named. For more information, phone Newsweek at 212/445-4000 ... Vanessa Hua,
technology reporter for The San Francisco Chronicle, will take a leave of absence until March 9. In the interim, email questions to ... Sean Herbert, associate producer, leaves "60 Minutes II" to join "48 Hours" as producer. Email ... Greta Van Susteren, legal analyst and host of "The Point," leaves CNN to join Fox News Channel. She will host a nightly news
program beginning in February. An exact date has not been set and Susteren's contact information is not yet available. Phone Fox with questions: 212/301-3000 ... Fredricka
Whitfield, NBC news correspondent, leaves to join CNN as midday weekend anchor and weekday substitute. A replacement has not been named. For more information, phone NBC News
communications, 212/664-2265 ... Business/ Financial: Advertising Age relocates its Detroit bureau to 1155 Gratiot Avenue, Detroit, MI 48207-2997. The phone number remains
313/446-0320, but the fax changes to 313/259-3319 ... Roger Slavens, special reports editor, and Kathleen Robson, copy editor of BtoB Magazine, leave. Ellis Booker assumes
responsibility for special reports and the e-newsletter covering b-to-b marketing. Email John Obrecht assumes
responsibility for the e-commerce section. The magazine will begin publishing on a monthly schedule this month ... Eric
Nee, senior writer for Fortune, leaves. A direct replacement will not be named; for information regarding Nee's coverage of large U.S. technology companies, phone the pub at
212/522-1212 ... Maya Jackson joins Money as staff reporter covering personal finance and investing-related consumer issues. Email (Media Moves provided by LexisNexis Hot Media News,, 617/350-3747)