Media Moves

National News: Bill Colson, managing editor of Sports Illustrated, will step down at the conclusion of the Winter Olympics in February. Colson has been with the magazine for 24
years and has been managing editor since 1996. The pub expects to name a new ME within a few weeks. For more information, phone SI at 212/522-2687 ... Robin Grossman, fashion
assistant for Us Weekly, leaves. A replacement has not been named. Email ... Leslie Ware, features editor for
Consumer Reports, is on leave until March 8. She will continue to check email at when possible. For immediate
assistance, phone Dawn Yancy, 914/378-2000 ... David Burgin, editor-in-chief of The San Francisco Examiner, leaves. Zoran Basich replaces him, retaining his title as executive
editor. Call 415/359-2600 ... Guy Baeher, business reporter for The Star-Ledger, leaves. No replacement has been named. For more information regarding his coverage of New Jersey
manufacturing companies, call 973/392-4141 ... Carol Vizant, markets reporter for The Washington Post, leaves. Ben White replaces her as Wall Street reporter, covering Wall
Street, financial markets and the financial services industry. White previously covered politics for the front section. Email Business/Financial: Marc Frons, founding editor and chief technology officer of, leaves to join AOL
Time Warner as VP, programming and products for AOL personal finance. Email Mark Vamos, deputy editor, replaces
Frons. Email ... Dagen McDowell rejoins as columnist for the Personal Finance section. Her financial
advice column, Dear Dagen, will answer reader questions about personal finance issues. Email ... Fran
Hawthorne, assistant managing editor of Crain's New York Business, leaves to write a book about Merck. No replacement has been named. In the interim, email Greg David with
inquiries regarding a specific special section, ... Jason Tanz, editor of Fortune, leaves to join Fortune Small Business as
editor. He will edit Page One, the front-of-book section. Email (Media Moves provided by LexisNexis Hot
Media News,, 617/350-3747)