Media Moves

National News: Brent Bowers' title at The New York Times changes from job market/executive life editor to job market/executive life/business travel editor. He oversees and
edits copy in the Sunday Job Market section, the Executive Life page inside the Sunday Money and Business section, and the Business Travel page inside the Tuesday Business Day
section. Email ... Bob Dubill, executive editor for USA Today, will retire June 1. Brian Gallagher, former editorial
page editor, replaces him. He will be in charge of the editorial direction of the pub. Call 703/854-3400 ... InStyle names Maria Baugh executive editor. She replaces Charla
Lawhon, who left the publication. Call 212/522-4455 ... Lisa Fazio joins People as beauty director. Call 212/522-2868 ... LexisNexis incorrectly reported that Sarah Elton, senior
editor with Shift, left to join CBS Radio. Elton joined Canadian Broadcast Corporation, CBC Radio ... Tommi Lewis Tilden, editorial director for Teen Beat, will leave the pub. No
replacement will be named. For more information, call 323/782-2000 ... Chad Anderson, assistant managing editor for Us Weekly, will leave to join Richmond magazine as deputy
editor. A replacement has not yet been named. Carolyn Noyes joins as managing editor, replacing Maura Fritz, who left. Call 212/484-1616. Business/Financial: Megan Fowler joins
Investment Advisor as staff editor. She is responsible for editing stories on and features in the
magazine. Phone 732/389-8700 ext. 110 or email Technology: The following editorial changes take place at CIO: Karen
Zirpola, editorial operations manager, leaves. Julie Hanson, former news and information specialist, replaces her. Hanson is now the primary PR contact. Email Sandy Kendall's title changes from features editor to Web editor. Email
Tom Field, executive editor, leaves to become director of content development for CXO Media Custom Publishing. He is no longer an editorial contact. Katherine Noyes, Sara Shay,
Eric Berkman, Penny Sloane and Joyce Paquette leave. (Media Moves provided by Lexis Nexis Hot Media News,, 617/350-3747)