Media Metrics

The not-so-old saw "If it bleeds it leads" still holds true for local news coverage. The latest media metrics column compares local news coverage with topics covered by the
increasingly powerful cable outlets. The Project for Excellence in Journalism conducted the survey throughout a four-year period. It found that that stories about crime took up
nearly a quarter of the local news coverage in 2003; it was even more of a shrinking news hole when you consider that accidents and disasters and political coverage combined took
up nearly another quarter of the coverage. Once you get past all the "spot" news, opportunities to get your (internal or external) clients some exposure lie with stories on social
issues, the economy or - what a shock - healthcare. Lidj Lewis, VP/media relations of Medialink, which tracks the media landscape, adds that at the Radio-Television News
Directors Association conference in April, news directors polled said healthcare- and consumer-related stories have the best chance of getting clearance.