Media Metrics

It's yet another indication that when facing bad news companies should best take the bullet (since it's seldom fatal) rather than try to dance around things. The latest
Delahaye Index, a quarterly assessment of how the news affects corporate reputation, showed some big moves in the second quarter from the first quarter rankings. The Walt Disney
Co., after getting hammered in the press the last few months about boardroom scuffles and shareholder upheaval, bounced back to the top of the list with positive news of strong
earnings and speculation about the sale of it's lagging retail stores. The Boeing Company -- which pushed out Chairman-CEO Phil Condit in December after a hiring scandal led to
the firing of its chief financial officer -- went from No. 6 in the second quarter from No. 17 in the first quarter following a sharp upturn in government spending. Microsoft
Corp., elevated by news of strong revenue growth, product development and financial management, got the top spot of owning the best reputation among the largest U.S. companies for
the second quarter of 2004.