Media Metrics

With a chill to the wind and a nip in the air, the fall season is upon us. Never mind the slew of crime-based shows, the main media event will be the 2004 presidential
election. October -- the time people start to really pay attention to national elections -- is less than two weeks away, so we thought it would be helpful to see from where both
regular and sometime voters will be getting their information. Even though long-term trends favor cable TV, the stats at right show that it's a bit premature to write off the
broadcast networks, as they'll get the lion's share of eyeballs for election coverage. (The percentage target equals the total number of regular/ sometimes voters who will be
watching or listening.) The bar charts below indicate the increasing clout of the Internet vis-a-vis presidential politics, as more and more consumers use on-line services to
access newspapers and/or radio sites.