Measuring Moms

Targeting junior online? According to a study commissioned by AOL, you should be focusing on his mother. Moms came out on top when polled about their use of the Internet.
Mothers spend about 17 hours online every week, compared with a little over 12 hours logged by their teenage offspring. And, single mothers and moms who have more than three
children spend about 20 percent more time on the Internet than the average Web-savvy mom, presumably because they rely more on the timesaving resources offered online: Ninety-one
percent of mothers polled say the Web saves them time with their multiple work/family duties, and 84 percent consider the Internet a key parenting resource. Communication is
critical when these wired moms log on, with 58 percent saying they use email or instant messaging on a daily basis to keep track of family and friends. (Regina Lewis, AOL,