Making Online Communications Click In 2005

Depending on whom you ask, the internet in 2005 will have a much greater impact on marketing communications or it will continue to be used to augment more traditional
communications a la print and broadcast. But senior PR execs no longer can give the Web short shrift, as the gloomy days of 2001 and 2002--when corporate America thumbed
its collective nose at the internet following the dot-com debacle --recede into history. As she gears up for the 9th Annual Webby Awards, founder Tiffany Shlain--named one of
Newsweek's "Women of the 21st Century"--shared some of her predictions (below) for the top Web trends in 2005. Shlain is accepting entries for the 2005 Webby Awards until
Dec. 17; the winners will be announced in May...Contact: Jill Feldman, Michael Kaminer Public Relations, 212.627.8098,