L’Oréal Blends Facebook, Pinterest for Hair Color Product Campaign

Proving that brands needn't choose one social media platform over another, beauty product giant L’Oréal has combined two social juggernauts for the new “Turn it Up” campaign, which promotes its Healthy Look Crème Gloss semi-permanent hair color product. The campaign is now heating up after launching the week of June 4, 2012, with help from marketing agency Campfire.

L’Oréal hopes to create awareness of the product via the combined outreach of Pinterest and Facebook, with a large dash of consumer research thrown in for good measure.

Asking women to “Turn It Up,” L’Oréal is sending women to its Facebook page (facebook.com/lorealparis) and use a custom app to identify their hair color, join their hair color “tribe” (women with similar color hair) and express their hair color identity, according to ClickZ.

Content within the Facebook app includes beauty bloggers discussing what their color identities mean to them and documenting their color through 28 washes; a cover photo tool to help Facebook Timeline users express their color identity, as well as tools to create posters and desktop wallpapers; coupons, offers and contests; a shade guide and product tutorials; and a before and after photo gallery.

A major Facebook component of the campaign is the 2012 Hair Color Census, which asks fans questions about how their personalities relate to their hair color. The research data will be compiled and used for further outreach. On Pinterest, users will be able to create "Turn It Up" inspiration boards. "Pin it" buttons on the Facebook app will allow users to integrate content via their Pinterest boards.

In addition, L’Oréal has recruited "Hair Color Ambassadors" to represent each shade of the product. They will blog about their hair color and encourage consumers to check out Facebook, said Merrin McCormick, associate creative director at Campfire, to ClickZ.

Communicators are familiar with the individual powers of Pinterest and Facebook. It will be interesting to see how much of an awareness punch is packed with the combined strengths of the two platforms.

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