Live TV-Watching Habits Shift

â–¶ Live TV-Watching Habits Shift: Consumers who have shifted the majority of their video viewing to non-live video content make up a significant portion of adult Internet users in the U.S., says a report by SAY Media, with comScore and TRU. This “Off-the-Grid” group represents nearly one-third of the adult online population—nearly 56 million people and growing. Other findings include:

• Within the Off-the-Grid segment, consumers can be further categorized into sub-groups of Opt Outs and On Demanders. Opt Outs, 13% of online consumers, have completely opted out of live TV and get their content by streaming across devices, through their DVR or via DVD. They consume 21 hours of video content in a week, half of which is online.

• On Demanders, 20% of online consumers, watch less live TV than they did one year ago and access video through a variety of devices. Time and device shifting allows this group to consume 30 hours of video each week, compared to the Internet average of 25 hours per week.

• Opt Outs are more receptive to online and mobile advertising, and also consume online content at unprecedented rates. Opt Outs spend two hours daily watching video content online (twice as much as the rest of Internet users). PRN

Source: Say Media/comScore/TRU

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