Listen to Your Team and be Listened to

Talk to a senior PR executive on the brand side or from an agency and it will take all of five minutes before the person starts to discuss the importance of his or her team. Despite the proliferation of social platforms, employees remain integral to effective communications and brand messaging. It’s quickly become a mantra among companies of all stripes: If you don’t get buy-in from your employees on a branded campaign or message, it’s unlikely that consumers and other stakeholders will be impressed.

That’s why it’s increasingly crucial for PR managers and directors to take a proactive approach to creating and cultivating a robust team. Half the battle is listening to people closely. This is not to be underestimated. If you’re not listening to employees closely and vesting them with legitimate responsibilities, they eventually are going to stop listening to you.

The end game is a PR vacuum that can cost your company dearly by decreasing awareness, declining trust and eroding trust. PRN



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