List of Most Reputable Companies Has a Few Surprises; Demographics Determine Social Media Activity PR Job Satisfaction

Did Your Company Make The Reputation Cut?

Forbes recently released data from its 2013 Most Reputable U.S. Companies report. The study samples 150 companies and derives a single score (The RepTrak Pulse) based on four “emotion” factors: trust, esteem, feeling and admiration. The RepTrak Pulse is then factored against performance, products/services, innovation, workplace, governance, citizenship and leadership, to arrive at a final score.

The online survey was conducted between February and April of 2013. Results were drawn from 17,709 company ratings, which where submitted from 4,719 respondents.

Here are some nugs:

  • 23 companies improved their rating year-over-year. However, a disappointing 26 companies have declined.

  • This was the first time that The Walt Disney Co. cracked the top 10. Also first to the top 10 include Intel, Deere and Co. and Dean Foods.

  • Notable brands whose reputations declined included Amazon was identified as the most influential driver of reputation based on products/services.

  • Source: Forbes

    According to PR News ’ 2013 Salary Survey, 86% of respondents said they were moderately to very satisfied with their jobs in 2012, compared with 87% in 2011. The percentage of PR execs who reported that they were not very satisfied with their jobs was relatively flat last year, compared with 2011.

    Despite age, sex, race or income Facebook is the most preferred social network, according to a new survey from the Center for Media Research. Nevertheless, some of the social networking sites perform better within certain demographics.

    Here are some of the other stats from the survey:

    • 70% of urban respondents engage in social networking activity, versus 67% in suburban areas and 61% in rural areas.

    • 72% of respondents who earn less than $30K annually report using social media, a figure that can likely be correlated to age demographics.


    • <b "="">72% of Hispanic respondents engage in social networking, versus 68% of African-Americans and 65% of white respondents. PRN