LinkedIn Recruitment Program Shaping Up As New Channel for PR Pros

The U.S. jobless rate fell to 7%, from 7.3%, in November. And while the economy is still facing some strong headwinds, employers’ confidence seems to be on the upswing.  Now, just like a Swiss watch, comes word of  a new recruitment tool from social network LinkedIn, designed to track when people move jobs, where they go and what skills they have. It could be another vehicle for communicators who want to strengthen their bench.

Dan Shapiro, senior VP for global solutions at LinkedIn, told the Financial Times that LinkedIn would develop algorithms akin to those Google has created for its search engine, with the aim of transforming the “incredibly inefficient” world of recruiting and charting careers.

The new product does not yet have a release date.

According to the FT, the program will be more a more accurate source for figuring out which job candidates do best at which companies.

Unlike Twitter or Facebook, LinkedIn strictly traffics in the business sector, touting a network of more than 250 million potential job candidates. It’s considered the main online destination for both job seekers and recruiters. (Job postings for social media positions on LinkedIn, for example, have grown 1,300% since 2010.

Yet despite a bevy of tools targeting the business class, PR pros may be giving LinkedIn short shrift. They shouldn’t, as this infographic (below) makes a pretty good case that LinkedIn should be top of mind for PR professionals.

Image: LinkedIn

Infographic: LinkedIn

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