LatinClips Branches Out

The race is well underway among marketers to tap into
Hispanic-Americans, the country's fastest-growing minority.
(Hershey's announced last week that it will soon blanket
Spanish-language TV, radio and magazines with ads for its
chocolates and candies.) Now comes the latest media product to
target Hispanics: LatinClips' launch earlier this month of
LatinClips Press, a new service that tracks newsclips and
information from more than 200 Hispanic print media outlets
nationwide. The addition of LatinClips Press brings to three the
number of core U.S. Hispanic monitoring products that LatinClips
now markets through its Diversity Solution Services: Hispanic
hardclips (LatinClips Press), online monitoring (LatinClips Online)
and Spanish-language broadcast TV (LatinClips Broadcast
TV)...Contact: Christine Clavijo-Kish, 305.971.8687.