#Katch May Make Your Meerkat Strategy Easier

Image: slashgear.com

Live streaming video app Meerkat is all the rage right now. The app, which enables you to share video via Twitter, is starting to gain a lot of traction in PR and marketing circles, what with online video creeping toward the center of online communications.

PR and brand managers increasingly are on the hook to shoot video programming and distribute it to their audiences relatively quickly.

Now it may be easier to do that via the Meerkat app, thanks to #Katch, which is being billed as the "record button" for Meerkat.

Add #Katch to your Meerkat video description and the service will record and upload the live stream to You Tube, tweeting you a link to the video once it’s done processing, according to TechCrunch.

It’s also possible to "#Katch" other people’s Meerkat streams— by adding the hashtag to a retweet of another person’s Meerkat LOVE NOW tweet, TechCrunch added, (which may open up a hornet’s nest regarding privacy issues).

As with most shiny new social apps, it’s anybody’s guess whether Meerkat eventually will be said in the same breath as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook or turn into a social media trivia question.

For communicators, the takeaway revolves around the growing importance to develop a steady stream of video content and get familiar with myriad tools designed to get that content to the appropriate audience.

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