Journalists Believe in Change

Most journalists tend to be a tad change-phobic about their own lives, but when it comes to the companies they cover, two-thirds believe innovation will play the greatest role
in a company's ability to survive the changing business environment, according to the 2002 Middleberg/Ross Survey of Media. Four-fifths also say the ability to manage change will
become the most fundamental component for future business success, and more than half of respondents to the survey say in times of economic change, businesses must increase
communications. Don Middleberg, CEO of Middleberg Euro RSCG, and Steven Ross, Associate Professor of Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, co-authors of the study,
will discuss it, along with journalists from USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal, on Thursday, April 18. For more information, contact Melanie Apostol at or call 212/752-9600 ext. 1361.