Jim Hill, Founder of News Broadcast Network, Dies…

Broadcaster Jim Hill, the founder and Chairman Emeritus of News Broadcast Network (NBN), died July 4 at the age of 84 in Claremont, Calif., after a brief illness. Hill, whose
65-year career spanned nearly every technology, from wire service Teletype machines to the Internet, began NBN as a one-man operation and saw it grow to more than 60 employees,
with offices nationwide. Hill thought of launching NBN after being hired in the early days of sports sponsorship by Miller Brewing Co. to provide national radio coverage of the
$75,000 Miller High Life Open bowling tournament in 1968. Soon after, he was providing radio service for other sponsored sports events, including men's and women's golf, tennis
and auto racing, for such companies as Sears and Chrysler. He is survived by his wife and four sons. Condolences may be sent to hillfamily@newsbroadcastnetwork.com.