It’s All Relative: Page Society Members Hone In On Relationships

It was a roundtable of a different sort: On May 21 - 23, thought leaders from two industry realms - corporate communications and academia - gathered in Hanover, N.H., for the

second annual Arthur W. Page Society/Tuck School of Business Academic Symposium. The syllabus was a varied one - from how to focus research around credibility, trust and

ethics, to corporate communications curricula in institutes of higher education, to shared objectives of public relations and corporate communications. But, as is often the case

with "professional thinkers," attendees were quick to hone in on thematic issues that continue to challenge the communications function. While all issues were not on the official

platter of discussion points, each did apply to crucial questions: What is keeping industry leaders up at night? And, aside from filling a prescription of Ambien, what are they

going to do about it?