Is Your CEO Credible?

Secretary of State Colin Powell was ranked the most credible public figure (91 percent) over President Bush (86 percent) and Rudy Giuliani (87 percent) according to a recent
survey in the March issue of Business 2.0. The survey, conducted by marketing and opinion research firm Clark Martire & Bartolomeo, asked business decision-makers about the
integrity of public officials, business leaders and media personalities. Former Enron CEO Ken Lay has the dubious honor of receiving the highest percentage of votes (92 percent)
for being less-than-credible. Other corporate leaders cited in the survey include former GE CEO Jack Welch, who received 74 percent endorsement for being highly credible, and
Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who followed Welch with 69 percent. (Laura Goldberg, Trylon Communications for Business 2.0, 212/725-2295 ext. 15)